The Not Best Dressed List


Who do Barbara Bush, Emma Stone, Rachel Roy, Kym Johnson and Aruba have in common?… Read More »

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A sure Miss-oni, Jessi J, Madamoiselle Clooney needs a clue, a Real Housewife…just to name a few.… Read More »


We are launching the NBD Facebook page today and welcome you to NOT just become a fan, rather, to also send in your choices of who needs to get on the list. Your opinions matter and will be shared with the group of style makers and other groovy people that comprise the NBD group. Now that is a list you want to be on. Click the image and let the bitching begin.… Read More »


Look, up in the sky, its a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Nudnik. Oh, excuse me, that’s Sir Super Nudnik. See who else is on The Not Best Dressed List.… Read More »


Some weeks are better than others. Like when you win the lottery… great week. When you don’t buy the lottery ticket and the number you always play wins… not a great week. In that same vain, some weeks there are red carpet events where The Not Best Dressed List has slim pickins, versus weeks like this, where there was a plethora of horrendosity. Without any further ado, here is this week’s Not Best Dressed List…Par Deux.      … Read More »

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What do Nicki Minaj, Demi Lovato and Rihanna all have in common… besides the fact that they are singers?… Read More »

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Spring ’12 is shaping up to be the war of the print worlds. How is a buyer to determine which print will sell better than another? It is a daunting task to decide which blown out floral will be the better choice. As if with two fashion show venues, The Tents @ Lincoln Center & Made (Milk), coupled with the endless other indie fashion show locations, then you have the challenge of determining what to buy. I gotta hand it to the buyers who have to navigate that kaleidoscope of color coupled with no taxis and feeling like you might… Read More »