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It must be in the Gore water. Karenna Gore and her husband Andrew Schiff are also splitting up. Yikes, Christmas at that house is sure to be weird. – HUFFINGTON POST Uh, oh…the bitch fight is about to get ugly. Christian singer (or used to be anyway) Katy Perry trashed Lady Gaga’s new video for Alejandro and I am sure the Lady will have something to say soon enough. – HUFFINGTON POST Are you ready to brech (vomit in Yiddish)? Here are still from the Danielle Satub porn video. – D LISTED… Read More »

Kernels of (Madonna Rip-Off) Dish

Here is Lady Gaga’s new video for Alejandro. People are kvetching that it is a Madonna rip-off. What do you think? Watch below. httpv://… Read More »