The Not Best Dressed List

Overall, Lady Gaga got carried away with her persona non grateful. Stealing Britney's moment was unfortunate.

Selena Gomez wore something suited for Fangtasia.

Nikki Minaj doing a downmarket version of Gaga, with no real Gaga in the room. This was ridiculous.

This one from Jersey Shore looks ridiculous. Like a slutty Rainbow Brite.

So, who'd you rather....Jersey Shore or...

...the cast of The Buried Life?

What's the difference between Kim kardashian's look and...


Yes, this is cute, but the lose one accessory before you leave the house rule applies to that silly umbrella. And did you spot her in the audience with a ridiculous orange square hat? The rule applied there, too.

See what I mean? Fotz.

It's like enough.

Clearly Kelly Rowland got the memo to show your boobs.

So did Demi Lovato.

Yikes, whoever you are.

This chick must have started out in the pageant circuit. Eek.

See what I mean? This is Eden Wood. Click image for more proof.


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