Socialites Are Sooo Last Season

Jan 11, 2011Fashion

Are these the next Betsey Bloomingdales? No way Jose.

Is it me or are socialites kind of sooo last season? Don’t get me wrong, I would love nothing more than to be a thin, blond, pampered beauty. But I think socialites are becoming passe. Granted, Olivia Palermo is here to stay. She transcends “just a socialite” and has managed to carve out a career for being her. I hear they love her in Germany. Olivia is Kim Kardshian without the tacky. No, the Kardashians are not socialites. Los Angeles is not socialite country, well, besides Betsey Bloomingdale and Nancy Davis, but they are a dying breed. L.A. is just tackier in general and those Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are not socialites. A real socialite would sooner be caught dead on the pages of anything besides Town and Country, Harper’s Bazaar, Tatler and Vogue. Alas, now that Anna Wintour has turned the other cheek towards actresses, and mediocre ones at that, socialites don’t stand a chance there.

A Tinsley Mortimer will gladly design handbags, and Gigi Mortimer fur gloves, but not a credit card. Look, tacky sells in this market and don’t tell me I don’t know what I am talking about. Fifty companies lined up to license Snooki. She is the Pierre Cardin of New Jersey or the Miss Piggy of MTV. Perhaps both. I start my day with Women’s Wear Daily. For thirty years I have turned to their pages to learn what is going on in the fashion industry and too often over the past two years I read a lot of “fashion related” items that are best served on the pages of Star magazine. Besides the Kardashian daily update, we learn about celebrity fragrances, like Jennifer Aniston’s LOLAVIE and that chick from Grey’s AnatomyKate Walsh. Really? Like a  gossip rag, we get a daily update on the newest celebrity fashion designer, like Sarah Jessica Parker for Halston Heritage or Hilary Swank for ???? Yikes. The other non-socialite trend is with the discount box stores hooking their claws into top-tier fashion designers in an effort to democratize fashion. Why should fashion be democratized anyway? Fat people just need to wear black, period. Curves shmurves. You tell me that Jennifer Hudson isn’t 100 times happier now…as are we for her. Socialites have been stripped of their eliteness and now, we just look to Selena Gomez for what to wear.

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  1. Maurine Ford says:

    Yes! You read my mind. Especially about these stupid perfumes! Why do people want to wear perfume a "celebrity" developed?

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