The Row

Oct 8, 2010Fashion

The Row, Spring '11 is great.

Y’all know my opinion on celebrity designers. And y’all know that at no time soon, even if I was a tween, would I be caught dead wearing Madonna & Lola’s Material Girl, or Kim Kardashian for Bebe or Lindsay Lohan 6126 or Katy Perry’s upcoming California Girl presented by Steve Madden, or Selena Gomez’s Dream Out Loud or Miley Cyrus for Max Azria for Wal-Mart.

NOTE: What ever happened to Sarah Jessica Parker’s Halston Heritage utter nonsense.

The problem with celebrities becoming designers is that you just don’t really believe them. It’s just an obvious ploy to make money that retracts from the clothes and makes the celebrity look like a sell out. The only time it really works is with the Olsen Twins and The Row. The clothes are fantastic. I saw a really cool trench/dress in my friend’s closet the other day, who tends to only shop designer, and my eye went right to this piece. When I saw the label, The Row, I thought, “You go girls.” Between that and this video, I have officially declared The Row not a celebrity designer brand. Rather, a designer label by women who happen to be celebrities…

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  1. Veruschka says:

    Well, it also helps having friends like Karl Lagerfeld. And Marc Jacobs. And everyone else. There's a reason MK dresses oddly. They spent a lot of time mapping this out. I remember when they had that tween MaryKate and Ashley brand. Movin' on up. Not that they need the money….

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