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Monica Lewinsky and Kim Kardashian proved that one did NOT have to go to great lengths in order to achieve fame. In fact, one could simply go as far as down :)

Monica Lewinsky and Kim Kardashian proved that one does NOT have to go to great lengths in order to achieve fame.  In fact, one simply had to go down :)


LAST FIVE MINUTES OF FAME is a novel novel by Abe Gurko, who stupidly believed Andy Warhol’s edict, “In the future everyone was going to be famous for fifteen minutes.”

“It was 1973; I was short, fat, and four-eyed with no immediate hopes of having a life worth living. By no means was I a candidate for becoming a jet setter, and no foreseeable signs of hobnobbing with the lanky Mick Jagger, the groovy Penelope Tree or the beautiful, haunted Marianne Faithfull. Nope. Not from the barely upper middle class upbringing I was experiencing far from that madding crowd. Somehow the modest, red brick, split-level affair I called home didn’t quite have the same joie de vivre as the homes in the south of France that Mick and Bianca were always photographed in looking chic, stoned and tragically hip. Our house was heavier on vivre and lighter on joie.”

Against all odds, I set out to take control of my fate and tried everything and anything to live up to Andy Warhol’s prediction. Inspired by my parents who survived the Holocaust, I became determined to survive my bad situation…being from New Jersey.

My first taste of infamy happened by accident when I somehow became a Studio 54 club kid circa 1977 and from that axis of fabulosity, a fashion stylist. Alas, when the disco lights dimmed and the drugs came between me and those fashion clients, I moved to Los Angeles to attempt (and fail) at acting, screenwriting, fitness guru-ing and spiritual-guiding in an attempt to grab a few more precious bites of Andy Warhol stew. Ultimately I ended up on the dead-end merry-go-round being a celebrity assistant, hoping that fame might be contagious, like the flu.

Working for arguably the coolest woman in Hollywood, Carrie Fisher, I experienced the debauchery of Hollywood’s celebrity obsessed culture from inside Alice’s Looking Glass and witnessed first hand that, “Fame is like forensic evidence and proves that life is not necessarily fair”.

Especially when you consider that Monica Lewinsky and Kim Kardashian proved that one does NOT have to go to great lengths in order to achieve fame. In fact, one simply had to go down :)

With the tragic advent of Reality TV, just about everyone is either fantasizing about or actually becoming famous thanks to social media. Which is why we had to establish the Strata of Celebrity by implementing the C-D-E-F and Z Lists of wanna-bees and social media climbers that are crowding the media landscape.

Anyone that has given fame a second thought will enjoy my trials, tribulations and outlook in LAST FIVE MINUTES OF FAME. It’s an acerbic, bittersweet tale of finding one’s inner beauty—especially if you’ve not been born with any or talent. Last Five Minutes of Fame is about understanding that success comes with self-determination and self-preservation through the painful process of failure. It’s about the journey to survive the bullshit of our celebrity-obsessed culture by living up to William Shakespeare’s quote, “To thine own self be true”.

Fuck Andy Warhol.

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