More Bla Bla on "nazis"

The KKK wants you to get ready to wear their iconic look.

Move over Marc Jacobs, Brandon Maxwell and Raf Simmons because the KKK debuts its ready-to-wear collection @NYFW. Will Anna Wintour sit front row? The White House has requested front row seats for Melania Trump, while Ivanka Kushner has refused to attend in solidarity with her Jewish husband, Jared, the nebbish.… Read More »

Our Mothers, Our Fathers.

Our Mothers, Our Fathers is a mini-series in Germany that The New York Times asserts is trying to “airbrush” a particular time in history, that lovely era when the Nazis were in full bloom. When you think about Nazi regalia, thigh-high leather boots, jodhpurs and cropped jackets adorned with heavy metal pins and colorful emblems that today we would coo if that same ensemble came waltzing down a fashion runway in Paris as opposed to storming into your home. No one was safe back then in Europe, unless of course you were blond and organized. What we now call OCD… Read More »

The launch party for Douche of the Day

Everyday there is a news item about someone that clearly fits the title, Douche of the Day. I hereby christen this new entry and intend to share with you my Douche of the Day. To kick-off this column I give you Republican Allen West who claims that Democrats are like Nazis or some such nonsense. Talk about calling the kettle black or the real Nazi calling the kettle a Nazi. This moron a.k.a Douche of the Day said this: “If Joseph Goebbels was around, he’d be very proud of the Democrat Party because they have an incredible propaganda machine,” West… Read More »


While we Americans were chomping on barbeque, watermelon and “oohing” and “aahing” over the 4th of July fireworks, Paris was not sizzling as the Fall Couture Shows got under way. There is nothing sadder than looking through the images of Christian Dior, the one show that I waited for with bated breath each season, knowing that John Galliano would not disappoint. I even looked forward to what kind of drag he would sport at the end of the show. There was nothing of the sort for Fall. Or nothing of the short for fall. Fall short…get it? Surely the reviews… Read More »

Kobe Bryant did the unthinkable. In a moment of heated passion and utter annoyance at a play on a basketball court, he spewed the two words that no homosexual likes to hear. This quickly became GLAAD’s call to arms, rainbow flag in hand, crying (with tears) foul. There was a time that simply the F-word was taboo extraordinaire on the courts with penalties mounting as the inner city kids were taking over the sport. This recent Kobe-Gate multiplies the drama times two because when he screamed F**cking Fa**ot, he was not just whistling Dixie. It was a double entendre and… Read More »

Kernels of Dish (Sunday)

And finally, watch this touching Gorillas in the Mist-like tidbit from deep in the jungles of Africa. Sob central… httpv://… Read More »