Paris Is Not Burning

Jul 5, 2011Fashion

Really? Christian Dior must be saying "fotz" from beyond.

While we Americans were chomping on barbeque, watermelon and “oohing” and “aahing” over the 4th of July fireworks, Paris was not sizzling as the Fall Couture Shows got under way. There is nothing sadder than looking through the images of Christian Dior, the one show that I waited for with bated breath each season, knowing that John Galliano would not disappoint. I even looked forward to what kind of drag he would sport at the end of the show. There was nothing of the sort for Fall. Or nothing of the short for fall. Fall short…get it? Surely the reviews from WWD and wonder what really is the next step for the House of Dior after this kind of presentation. The new kid on the Dior block, Bill Gaytten, is really not that new as he worked tirelessly in the shadow of Galliano for over two decades. This was his moment to shine and from the looks of things, Harvest Moon has more of a chance to succeed John Galliano at Dior for the long run. And let House of Dior relax on putting out another long-ass Marion Cottiard pretentious fashion film starring one purse at this moment because that will do them no favors either.



More fluffer nutter.


I knows vertical stripes are slimming

I guess if you take off the Pierrot elements, was his point. But for your first time out girl, the sad clown ends up not being Karlie Kloss.

Enough of Dior for now, they have to go and sort it out. I am sure they have survived worse, like the actual Nazis. Let’s dilly over to the other other shows from yesterday, which if you ask me, are another overblown fotz. I have never really gotten the Alexis Mabille thing, but then again, what do I know? Between him trying to audition for the Dior job and Anne Valérie Hash showing just a few simple pieces, coupled with Bouchra Jarrar’s outing of uncomplicated looks that we have all seen at H & M along the way, I am left scratching my head. More importantly, I am left wondering, “If I had jillions of dollars, would I have want to be at these shows, seated next to sweaty naysayers, when I would much prefer the kind of show that was featured in the movie The Women, in technicolor, in a lovely Park Avenue Salon? The latter.

Here is Alexis Mabille's attempt to offer himself up for the job at Dior.

And then again, this was in the collection.

As was this Peter Pan throwback.

Couture? I am not quite sure. Did Anne Valérie Hash, smoke some?

Call me crazy but this is not what Little Hands had much to do on.

And here too. A couple of hands, maybe. And normal sized ones too boot.

I'm sorry, but if I was a lady who lunches, on lettuce and tissue, I would not be pleased to have schlepped to Paris to see this. "Darling I love you but give me Park Avenue".


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