The Trump University Scam

Nov 10, 2016Gross Baboons
Downtown Abbey & @realDonaldTrump End 2016

Downtown Abbey & @realDonaldTrump will end in 2016.

Donald Trump* won’t discuss his failures like Trump University. What lying sack of shit would engage in an ongoing scam they’re embroiled in? I found a long, lost draft of one of my old Op-Ed pieces dated August 2013 about @realDonald Trump.  The content is so relevant to what is currently going on with his lame, reality show version of a political campaign that I wanted to share it with you as my first Op-Ed piece of 2016.


Rather than be frustrated by the fact that since my bicycle accident that’s put me out of commission, Kim Kardashian has since been just about been anointed sainthood–cover of Vogue not included. I mean…even before Mother Teresa! Tea Baggers continue threatening to impeach President Obama and that Gross Baboon Winner 2012, Donald Trump is embroiled in a controversy with his Trump University, proving that he’s a low life AND a Gross Baboon.

The Grossest of Gross Baboons, his royal hiney, Donald Trump* has a school for blithering idiots. You’d have to be the kind of “maroon” that Bugs Bunny speaks of to pay $35,000 for a Non-Degree in Trumpian Shysterology. I went to The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative website in search of dish only to find out that you have to be a paid in full student to access the website…or as I say…a desperate jerk that’s been radicalized by Trump. Catch the Catch 22?

Eric Schneiderman, New York’s Attorney General is suing Donald Trump* for $40 million, stating, “The real estate mogul helped run a phony Trump University that promised to make students rich but instead steered them into expensive, mostly useless seminars and even failed to deliver promised apprenticeships.”

Five thousand losers are out 35 grand each! You, too, can be hoodwinked into throwing away your–or your parents’ hard-earned dosh for a block of asinine seminars like How To Achieve the Perfect Combover or Bloviating With Bluster and the revisionist’s history class, The Truth Is Not Out There.

P.S. I created a Facebook page called Donald Trump: You’re Fired designed to start the drum beat of war against this fascist/racist. I mean…Gross Baboon is even a compliment!

* Please refer to his royal hiney as @realDonald Trump from here on. He had his name legally changed from “The Donald” to his Twitter handle so now whenever his name @realDonaldTrump is mentioned anywhere…on Earth…ever again…it will be automatically retweeted to his crazed, down-market followers.



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  1. Ted Rubin says:

    Thank goodness you are back! Looking forward to more 🙂

  2. Eileen says:

    I was looking up the definition of fotz and lo and behold I stumbled upon your blog. Hilarious! Can't wait for more.

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