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In a stunning politically correct move, Miss Michigan – Rima Fakih was crowned Miss USA 2010. Granted, she is beautiful, and perhaps indeed the rightful winner, but not having watched the show, I can not say whether she won hands down or whether she was crowned as a ploy to improve Arab-America relations abroad. Let’s go with the idea that she won on all her merits….riveting as they must be. Congratulations. Now, let’s go with my conspiracy theory: using the Miss USA worldwide platform as a political move on behalf of Donald Trump and Barack Obama. The plan was to… Read More »

Oh, if only I was reporting live, sitting front row at these farkakte fashion weeks from across the globe. But alas, here I sit, shivering me timbers in New York City, ogling images of assorted cat walk tragedies. I have enjoyed bringing you coverage from the “Other” Fashion Weeks including Tranny Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Madrid Fashion Week, New Zealand Fashion Week (?!?), Lakme Fashion Week, Pakistan Fashion Week, Abu Dabi Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week, Arabia Fashion Week and the upcoming, not to be missed, Aspen Fashion Week. And I say “Other” as opposed to “Ridiculous“. (Please,… Read More »

Here is what I cannot stand about the liberal media. That you have a certified jerk and admitted Oxycontin addict like Rush Limbaugh, rushed off to the hospital while on his Christmas vacation, admitting to the medical crews that he was taking drugs for his back problems. That old excuse? Where are all the conflicting reports? Where are the many spoofs on his drug addiction? Where is that hospital report? If this was any other well-known person (I hate to call him a celebrity because he is so gross), it would be all over the tabloids. But yoo hoo…must you… Read More »

Oy, talk about a flap…and I mean the flapping mouth of Douglas Hannant regarding his (possibly) out of context statement about Michelle Obama, “Everyone compares her to Jackie O–she is not the next Jackie O.” Naturally, these words were met with gasps. No one in the fashion industry is allowed to say anything bad about the First Lady. Oscar de la Renta took a little heat when he dished Michelle for her wardrobe choice when meeting Queen Elizabeth II, “You don’t go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater.” The issue here is not what Douglas said or Oscar, and I… Read More »

Finally, ‘black is the new black’, after Women’s Wear Daily and every other fashion rag or “news source” has claimed everything from Pink is the New Black, to Color Is the New Black, to Green is the New Black, to Obama is the New Black. We even had “Bitch is the New Black” to quote Tina Fey, from Saturday Night Live referring to Hillary Clinton. Why can’t black just be and stay black? Why must colors or things try to usurp it’s power every season? Can’t we all just get along? I have been a fan of black for more… Read More »

A couple of months ago, I made the declaration that I was longer gay…homosexual yes…gay no. Click here to refresh your memory of the 15 plus reasons including: I don’t go to discos on weeknights, well, or most weekends for that matter. I don’t cruise the internet, just write for it. Don’t own any Diesel anything.… Read More »

Manzies and pansies and bears…oh my! New York Fashion Week will never be the same…for several reasons. First off, being a total optimist and in a response to the recent CFDA meeting, I am confident that there will be a shift in tone at the tents as well as at the off-site activities. No, we will never be free of annoying fashionistas, whose moment of fame starts and ends around the shows (listen up PR Girls), but I’m feeling that the intention of the industry is to act as if we are moving through this unusually hard time and that… Read More »

From here on, Eminem is officially, M&M. The Sunday night, completely inappropriate, ass-in-face stunt turns out to have been planned and rehearsed. I guess M&M likes that position after all…the position of being mocked and made to look like a fool. So many people thought that the whole situation was unfortunate. In hind sight (literally), it is an abomination that this kind of immaturity rules and is the bane of MTV’s existence. Wanna bet the Bruno movie will feature a song by M&M? There is always some sort of cross-promotional deal in the air with MTV. They are the masters… Read More »

I Mean… What?!?  has always been committed to finding truth and humor in a world obsessed with fashion, celebrity and politics. The website has become the insider’s go-to resource to get a humorous take on the truth about the Emperor’s New Clothes, celebrity fashion designers, and the other absurdities that plague our pop culture landscape. As a purveyor of pop culture, the great hope is building a community of people who want to be honest, stop being politically correct, say what’s really on their mind. About ABE When Abe Gurko packed his bags and moved from New York City to… Read More »

Whether Sarah Palin runs for President or not, the problem here is that she does not know how to shut her pie hole. Just yesterday she vomited these pearls on, what else, Fox News. “I’m still wondering who the heck is going to be out there with a servant’s heart willing to serve the American people for the right reason, not for ego, not for special interests, not with obsessive partisanship,” Palin, a paid Fox contributor, told the network’s Greta Van Susteren. I am confident that she will not run for President. Yes, she is a dumb ass, but Sarah… Read More »