Rush (To The Hospital) Limbaugh

Jan 2, 2010Breaking Newzzz

All Rush packed for Hawaii were some shorts and his Oxycontin Holiday Pack.

Here is what I cannot stand about the liberal media. That you have a certified jerk and admitted Oxycontin addict like Rush Limbaugh, rushed off to the hospital while on his Christmas vacation, admitting to the medical crews that he was taking drugs for his back problems. That old excuse? Where are all the conflicting reports? Where are the many spoofs on his drug addiction? Where is that hospital report? If this was any other well-known person (I hate to call him a celebrity because he is so gross), it would be all over the tabloids. But yoo hoo…must you all go back to past I Mean…What?!? entries on Rush to know that this is a drug addict that will never be saved? (Neither will I, but I digress.) Rush was so thrilled to be away from his daily talk show, so he can slur his way through the holidays. Yet, we get nothing? Instead we let him get away with a statement at a press conference on the friggen heath care system, and a jab at the Obama Administration. Why am I the only one bothered by this? Where is…have they moved on? Where is Politico…being politically correct? Where is everyone…on the same golf course at Barack Obama? That the liberal media is hell bent on attacking the current White House rather than using any opportunity to defame people like Rush Limbaugh is astonishing. And since Sarah Palin‘s book is selling like hotcakes, we hear very little anti-Palin sentiments these days. Why? Does the success of Going Rogue put Sarah Palin in vogue? (Please no Anna Wintour.)

If this isn't enough to scare the bejesus out of you...what is?!?

END NOTE: If Democrats lose the majority in the House of Representatives or the Senate between the 2010 and 2012 elections…we will have no one to blame but ourselves for the inability to fight fire with fire. You don’t pass up sticking a fork in Rush Limbaugh or glorify Sarah Palin (silence is golden) when they are the ones who have the power to shift the voting landscape. And no, I won’t move out of the country, rather, I will continue to use my First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech to call ‘em as I sees ‘em. P’shaw you bleeding heart liberal media zealots. “Snap out of it.”

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