More Bla Bla on "the party's over"

The occasional I Mean…What?!? coverage of The Party’s Over brings me much joy…and amazement. As a member of the fabulii…having attended and produced endless events…I wonder where it all went so wrong. The Party’s Over Party of the Week, our newest award, goes to Paris (no it has nothing to do with the fashion shows), rather, Paris Hilton Hosts Bowlmoor Lanes’ Grand Opening Carnival. First of all, Bowlmoor Lanes , which has been in existence forever, is probably wigging out that the new bowling alley to the stars…did I say that?…Lucky Strike, has been getting gobs of attention since it… Read More »

Many of you know that I love The Party’s Over, which is my reportage on events that consist of a big batch of people, that nobody knows…well…or as I like to refer to this segment, The Nobody News. Since I have been up to my eyeballs in World Fashion Week…still am…but need a little break…I thought…what better way to bring a smile to our lips than by doing the retail edition of The Party’s Over…or The Nobody News…because as you will see…both titles apply. Actually there’s a secondary theme here, which is the obligatory Saks Fifth Avenue in-store appearance party.… Read More »

On several occasions I have featured The Nobody News and The Party’s Over, with stories and pictures of people you’d never want to meet. Kind of like Guest of a Guest or Hamptons Online only I was not serious. The people that those media (?) outlets feature on their party pages give new meaning to “the rags”. (I don’t care what their traffic is.) They actually legitimize the tabloids. I mean…seriously…reportage from a hagfest? Not only have we sunk to a new low on celebrity coverage, but now we have created an industry featuring people that you didn’t like in… Read More »

The Party’s Over has become one of the more fun entries on I Mean…What?!? It gets lots of laughs from the viewers, and while that is the main reason for everything, I must say it brings me unending joy to research “who’s” out there, or shall I say the “who are you’s” that are out there getting photographed at events. Things that are shocking need no introduction as pictures speak louder than words…therefore…… Read More »

Not too long ago I did a piece on these so called parties, featuring people(?) snapped by photographers that were beyond yikes. When I say beyond yikes, I mean, who are they and why are they being photographed? Well, having had a great response from the I Mean…What?!? audience, here with, another segment of The Party’s Over. When I started my career as a party goer, it was the first few days of Studio 54. Back then, the paparazzi were focused on real celebrities and interesting notables. Boy have things changed. There’s little else to say except please enjoy this… Read More »

I have been producing events for more years than I care to admit, believe me, moss has grown plenty underfoot. In the business of fabulii, there must be pictures the next day on the internet or else you have not done the job well. Rather, you failed miserably. It’s as simple as that. Yes, there are those events that require no media attendance, like the ones I used to do when living in Los Angeles at the homes of certain celebs, and frankly, those are the best attended, celebrity wise. But outside of those exceptions, in order to prove your… Read More »

I have heard just about enough from the Tea Party, the Tea Baggers, the morons, whatever you want to call them. What country do we live in and worse, what year is this?  When I think back to when the United States was truly, beautifully motivated for change, back in the late 1960’s, when our message was Women’s Rights, Black Power, Student’s Rights, Stop The War, Peace Now, Flower Power, Peace, Love and Woodstock, it makes me sad at the rhetoric we hear now from crowds. Many of these Tea Baggers can barely string together a coherent sentence and worse,… Read More »

Face it...

Awwww, poor Michelle Bachmann. She’s running neck and neck with the losers Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman for Biggest Loser in recent polls. Now, look, I am the first one to call that woman a crackpot and her gay husband Marcus Bachmann, a closet case. But to refresh your memory, I started the Michelle Bachmann for President campaign in May (see below), knowing full well that she guarantees Barack Obama’s second term. Well, I am still happy to support Bachmann for President. Please join me. Listening to old bug eyes yattle on and on how she would stop giving food… Read More »

There are hundreds of events going on in New York City on any particular day. Now, I am not a mathematician, alas, you should see my checkbook, but that means that thousands of events happen every year. Granted, most of these events aren’t events with notables and even less with celebrities, but we can all safely say that there is way to much crap going on that humans are obligated to attend. Agreed? I used to be a social butterfly in the late 70’s and 80’s, and thankfully I got that all out of my system. There is nothing sadder… Read More »

Before the Paris shows get under way, I wanted to stop and take stock of the images I saw today from paparazzi-land that struck me as either annoying, or questionable. Just because these people are photographed, does not make them interesting. I have done several editions on IMW, called The Party’s Over, where I feature images of “party people” that are basically a bunch of nobodies who think they are somebody, or shall we say, a wanna-be somebody that really is nobody, or perhaps, a wanna-be who will always be…in essence…a never-was. Am I clear? Does that make sense? It… Read More »