“Big Bird, Bye Bye”

Say your goodbyes. Mitt Romney vows to kill off Big Bird and the whole Sesame Street Gang.

Big Bird fly, Big Bird fly. Into the light of the dark black night. – The Beatles

Pack up all my care and woe, here I go, singing low… bye bye Big Bird. – Nina Simone

Big Bird’s days are numbered. And so is the entire cast of Sesame Street, that is if Mitt Romney has his druthers. What we learned at the first Presidential debate, besides the fact that Mitt Romney will say whatever you want to hear, is that Big Bird and Jim Lehrer’s days are numbered, that is IF he gets into the White House.


Frankly, I think the whole thing was a bore, Mitt had a bad case of dry mouth because he was hopped up on goofballs and Obama thinks Mitt is a fotz.  The big reveal was that sad truth that PBS and probably NPR will be on the skids if a Republican wins on November 6. But you can save Big Bird, Sesame Street AND Jim Lehrer by Voting for Barack Obama. Don’t just take it from me. Take if from the Kardashians ’cause they love Barack Obama, as much as I do. Their slogan is Vote Bitches!


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