Katy Perry And Russell Brand’s Endless Wedding

Oct 24, 2010Fashion

That's the look everyone must have had after Day 2 of the longest wedding on record.

Six days? Six days? Come on. That is the most presumptuous, over-the-top, full-of-themselves wedding plan on Earth. Look, I love weddings. They are always a blast. And no doubt there was much fun and games at the recent nuptials of Madame Katy Perry and Sir Royal Hiney Russell Brand. But really…six days? That sounds painful. Granted, if you are schlepping your family and friends to India, you have to do something special since they are light years away from home. They better have provided private tours of the Taj Mahal…at least. But seeing what egomaniacs these two lovebirds are, it must have been day after day of champagne toasts and cute stories of how they met. Cringing at the thought. “And then there was that time when Russy smacked the paparazzi, just for little ol’ me.” Ugh. If I were in their inner circle, I would be pissed to have to turn over so many days just to ogle and worship at the Temple of These Two.

By day six, the Taj Mahal was the Temple of Doom.

Rihanna had the good sense to bag them, concocting some excuse that she had to go into the studio to record…anything. Like Rihanna couldn’t reschedule a record session with herself? Of course she could. But Rihanna is smart as a whip. Clearly she would have sooner cut her eyes out than have to do a marathon Katy-Russell suck up. I mean…the amount of media whoring that they do is unconscionable. The thought of having to toast them for six full days is death defying. Besides, how phony can you be? The happy couple are so desperate for attention that a six day wedding is the perfect size considering the size of their combined egos.

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6 Responses to “Katy Perry And Russell Brand’s Endless Wedding”

  1. Roos says:

    I love them, so let them be…. Think they will rock that Indian grounds like it's ment to be! Russel digs his Katy (Brands) Perry!! :-P

  2. Kanani says:

    I went to an Indian wedding in New Delhi. It really was six days of non stop feasting and activities. White horses, elephants, tents…..whoosh! I'm hoping this isn't going to start a new fangled tradition here. Hanging around Malibu without feeling like paparazzi for that long might get kind of tight.

  3. Julie says:

    I agree with the posting…what a waste of money. No wedding, be it a celebrity or regular folks, should ever spend more than $5K on the entire cost of a wedding…divorces are on the rise and I keep hearing people complain about still paying off their wedding costs YEARS after they already got married! I am one fashion designer who is very anti-expensive-over-the-top wedding dress as too much emphasis is put on the dress, the ceremony/reception, cake, flowers decorations…save that money for rent, or a down-payment for a car or a home! And how many celebrities have had lavish weddings only to divorce years later?!? Not saying that these two will, but statistics are not good.

  4. green says:

    Nonsense! It's completely normal in India to have a 6-day wedding. It's basically a week long series of parties, dancing, food and entertainment. How can a week long party be a bad thing? This hardly presumptuous – some Indian weddings last much longer!

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