Merle Ginsberg Reports From Israel

Jun 6, 2010Fashion

I lerved Merle Ginsberg before she did Ru Paul's Drag Race. She originated who was fierce in the W days.

My friend Merle Ginsberg (Editor-in-Cheif,, whom I have known since her W magazine days…when W meant something…is currently in Israel covering the fashion scene, doing a few speaking engagements and ogling the hot Israeli men, no doubt. I have been to Israel several times, and my sister and I could not stop plotzing when we would see clumps of hot, young Israeli guys dressed in army fatigues. It was like a Bruce Weber wet dream. Anyway…back to Merle who has great style, humor and extensive reference. It’s kind of what I like about me too…but whatever. Here are snippets of our conversation leading up to our decision to SKYPE tomorrow and compare notes on our Best and Worst Dressed of the MTV Awards.

ABE: Hey, Merle. How is the mood in Israel in light of all the bad press that it’s getting.

MERLE: It’s kind of amazing how light they are taking it – they really feel they are in the right. They say the Turkish boat was full of weapons and terrorists.

ABE: Duh. (Beat) Why are you in Israel?

MERLE: I am here for work – and fun. And cute guys! (See…I was right.)

ABE: Where are you staying?

MERLE: The Dan Tel Aviv.

ABE: I used to run from The Dan to the Old City of Jaffa when I would be there…amazing. It’s like being Jesus. There were no signs of modern civilization if you just looked north.

MERLE: Jaffa is AMAZING. I love the little cafes.

ABE: Best food on Earth. Tell me about what you are doing there.

MERLE: I am here with an Israeli TV producer – I spoke at the fashion school Shenkar, I gave a speach at a huge Beauty City event for Super Pharm, and I am writing an article about fashion in Tel Aviv for

ABE: I cherish my favorite shirt that I got from that great flea market. Killing myself that I didn’t buy ten of them.

MERLE: There is some great fashion here.

ABE: I think it’s amazing that you are there through this major controversy.

MERLE: Funny, no one here thinks there is a controversy! To them it is life as normal.

ABE: In the US, the media is up in arms and the reports are that Israelis are as well.

MERLE: Well, not Tel Aviv. They just basically think the Turks – and the Palestinians – are liars and terrorists. I can’t believe the rest of the world doesn’t know there were weapons on that boat – and known terrorists.

ABE: That just shows how biased the American media is now against Israel. But look at you Merle, reporting from the front lines. You’re like a Jewish Angelina Jolie.

MERLE: Yes, from fashion – to passion. Fashion is a religious experience. I WISH I looked like Angelina!

ABE: Me, too.

MERLE: Let’s do a cross continental coverage of the best and Worst Dressed of tonight’s MTV Awards. OK?

ABE: Love it. I will SKYPE you tomorrow and we can compare notes. Genius. What’s your schedule tomorrow?

MERLE: I will go to the beach in the morning, 9 am here to about noon.

ABE: Jealous.

MERLE: Let’s call it Apples and Oranges, Best and Worst of the MTV Awards. Gotta dash.

ABE: Shalom. Next year in Jerusalem.

MERLE: THIS year in Jerusalem. I am going there tomorrow night.

Be sure yo check back tomorrow for Apples and Oranges at the MTV Awards.

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