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There’s two things captivating the headlines. Swine Flu (you know how I stand on that issue) and Barak Obama’s 100 Days…which has now been celebrated for the 100th day. And just when you thought that there was nothing else to commemorate these 100 Days, comes fresh from the White House Press Office, 100 pictures of his 100 Days. Has anyone bought the commemorative plates yet? There’s a plate for every flush of the toilet…they are numbered…they’re amazing. Oh, and by the way, it’s not the only thing on Earth having a 100th milestone and to these other accomplishments, I’d like… Read More »

Here’s what we know: Rome was not built in a day. Here’s what we think: The Lord created heaven and earth in 6 days. And if you believe that, then I have a plot of land in the Poconos I’d like to sell you. I mean…what’s with this 100 Days nonsense and these phony benchmarks? Obama is doing the best he can given the situation he is in. What do we–the public he is trying to help–benefit by laying on more pressure?  Sure, I know the pundits, Republicans and bloviators need something to talk about. But turning over the 100… Read More »