Michele Bachmann’s Way Of Saying Suck It To Al Franken

Michele Bachmann practicing her stump speech. 

Oh, dear, dear Michele Bachmann. Thank you for making my day with the threat of running for the Senate in Wisconsin. The news has jump started my cerebral cortex and ripped the writer’s block right out of its limbic system. On the eve of the return of the dynamic duet, Michele and Marcus, the only words that come to mind are from the film, Poltergeist II, “They’re Back!!!”

Yes, Wisconsin, get ready to be the BUTT of the Marcus and Michele jokes. Marcus better for his own good. As seen in the photo, Michele is toying with the idea of reentering the political class, a step up from no class, where she currently resides. Imagine the onslaught of daily shaming through November 6, 2018.**

** That’s Election Day for all you millions of jerks that fucked things up for us in 2016.

Look, Donald Trump won so anything, or in that case, the worst possible things can and did happen. But Michele, good luck trying to  replace the Senate seat unnecessarily vacated by Senator Al Franken. No, I will not elaborate, cause it would be easily misconstrued by the #MeeToo movement…and I do not need to be Poontang Policed within an inch (or 8) of my life from that posse. I said POSSE!


NOTE: This image was originally posted – April 20, 2011 – Michele Bachmann Like Marcus Never Sees Her –

Of all the corn dog joints, in all the towns (in Iowa). Whoever snapped this photo needs to get that Life Magazine Award they used to hand out. This is probably the most action Marcus Bachmann has gotten since they started shoveling tribe-loads of children into their  house. Michele Bachmann proves she will do anything to get the vote.



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