Manzie Report – London – Fall 17 – MAN

Jan 7, 2017Fashion
The Manzie Report loses it.

MAN – The Manzie Report loses it.

Manzie Report – Fall – 2017 – Is London in a fog? Is fashion dead or just fucking nuts? Now that the Brits and Americans have been hijacked by right wing nuts doesn’t mean that menswear has to be nuts also. Without further ado…or a-DON’T, I give you highlights from the recent collection from MAN, the ‘ideas factory showcase’ presented by Topman, as in can you top this man? I mean…MAN puts the man in Manzie, and man oh man, what a bunch of bullshit! That is, of course, your idea of ideas for men is slapping together a shitload of nonsense and decide to call it fashion. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I invite you to scroll through some of this nonsense. My overall review: I can’t.


This ditty is one of the tamer items in the Fall 17 MAN Collection of utter WTF featuring MAN cleavage.


MAN is this man going to be chilly come Fall. His head will retain the warmth, hopefully. Does body paint come with this ridiculousness?


One this is to design while on mushrooms, the other is to design a MAN to look like a mushroom. Fotz!


This is how the new MAN will deal with the winter elements. We need these in Hollywood for all the homeless to stay warm.


MAN has created the newest look for mankind. Mobile homes as fashion.


MAN wants to dress Big Bird, or Big Bird inspired MAN. Either way…yikes.


MAN should expect a cease and desist letter from Norma Kamali or Game of Wet Thrones.


Just fuck off, MAN.


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