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Ashley Dupre was the Kim Kardashian of her time.

What do Snooki and JWoww have in common with Ashley Dupré? Who is Ashely Dupré you ask? How quickly we forget our hookers with a tongue of gold. Ashley was embroiled in the Eliot Spitzer debacle. After that mess, she had a short-lived career as a columnist for the New York Post, naturally, called Ask Ashley, which dealt with everything you wanted to know about being a hooker but were afraid to ask your mother. That lasted long. So after you get booted from the Post, what’s a hooker to do? Open a lingerie shop, of course, and where better… Read More »

Ya gotta give Ashley Dupre credit for her uncanny ability to reinvent herself over and over again. She’s gone from a Jersey Shore-type girl to Girl’s Gone Wild party gal to hooker. Then she went on to hooker with a master plan to fashionista (vis-a-vis Kelly Cutrone) to Dear John Abby, to desperate for acting reality show career (hence moving to Los Angeles) to her most recent claim of wanting to be a real estate mogul. This girl makes cats seem one dimensional. Anyhoo, imagine the line of guys who will want to be shown an apartment by Ashley. Clearly… Read More »