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No kidding. What were these two doing together anyway? I know, I know, there’s a cover for every pot. And she is a cover. And he is a pot. But for gosh sakes. They seemed as suited together as she did with Garth Brooks or whatever that country singer’s name was that she was married to for five minutes. I wish her well, but think she and Jennifer Aniston are the two peas in a pod who should end up together.… Read More »

Last night, Inside The Actor’s Studio on Bravo featured Bradley Cooper, you know that thespian who is dating Renee Zellweger. In one of the weepiest episodes ever, Bradley whose layered performances in such classics as The Hangover and The Wedding Crashers, proved that behind that handsome smile, is a deep, almost Shakespearean actor, whose emotional range goes from A to B. James Lipton was also getting teary eyed as he introduced Bradley as one of the graduates of the program.… Read More »

What is The I Mean…What?! Clinking Clanking Clattering Collection Of Collagenous Junk News, you ask? What else,  a recap of this week’s “not really” news as told through images. You can also call it, the Hodge Podge Lodge News and for the sake of levity and brevity, the “This Is News News?” So, without any further ado and no particular order of relevance or irrelevance:… Read More »