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Come 2012, if Sarah Palin has her druthers, the White House will once again be just that, white. But not just white, we’re talkin’ really, really white. Alaska snow white. Pre-Lyndon B. Johnson Civil Rights Movement white. Her first day in office she will make some cockadoodle proclamation, “We need a woman in the White House to clean up the mess of that last administration.” Can’t you just hear it now? The irony will be that a white woman is cleaning up after black people. I wonder if she will do windows. The new First Family will be very innovative.… Read More »

When Alphonse Karr said, “The more things change, the more they remain the same”, he must have had a vision of the United States, circa 2009. At a time when we are most in need of change (hey, I thought that was going to happen with the Obama Administration, but what do I know), we are just stagnantly maintaining the status quo, in light of our misgivings. The turn of events since the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas in which Barack Obama finally moseyed over to a microphone to make a poorly written and delivered speech about the “evil doers”,… Read More »

At the airport, destination: Reykjavik, Iceland for the weekend. So, this two-hour check in rule is a crock of shit. Implemented since 9 – 11, it was communicated to us that the extra time was in our best interests as safety regulations were being implemented. Thank you George Bush and Dick Cheyney for your  new, improved homeland security detail. Now, here I sit, years later, waiting the hour and a half left before my flight takes off. I realize that all this fear mongering that surrounds airport check-in is part of a Bushian master plan. First you are greeeted by… Read More »