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You know you have hit the big top when a fragrance bears your name, or your pet’s name, or your favorite childhood memory’s name of some such nonsense. You all know my aversion to celebrity fashion designers. Now I am officially adding celebrity schtoonk-meisters to the list of things that make me say fotz or “ewww”. Let me start by mentioning my favorite exception to this parade, none other than Dame Elizabeth Taylor. When Elizabeth created White Diamonds, she was pretty much out of the movie business, still  gorgeous and well…friggen Liz Taylor. Don’t even try to put Sarah Jessica… Read More »

Words cannot describe how annoyed I am that Perez Hilton released those photos of Dustin Lance Black in the full monty and every other position on Earth. As it is, I have drastically reduced my Perez viewing over the past several months. Had I not gone to Gawker, I would have missed this entry. But, I didn’t and I am fuming. That a gay man in the position of such power (Perez) would not do his damn best to protect an important gay talent is unconscionable. And why the hell didn’t Dustin’s publicist put the kabosh on those images? Someone… Read More »