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For the rest of us....

For those of you that do not remember, today is Festivus, the non-denominational holiday made famous by Seinfeld. So… Happy Vestivus for the rest of us. Be sure to stand by a solitary empty pole and pray for the airing of the grievances as well feats of strength. If you are feeling charitable, be sure to make a donation to The Human Fund, started by George Costanza. It is money for people, after all. Right, Sarah Anderson?… Read More »

Spring is in the air which means that the Tribeca Film Festival is in full bloom. You gotta love Robert DeNiro and Jane Rosenthal for taking the bull by the horns and rallying the movie business to create, yet another film festival. Seems like there is a film festival in every podunk town from Newport, Rhode Island to Rotterdam, Holland these days. All of which are “critically important, most of which we could live without, and few of which that celebrities want to attend besides Cannes, Venice, Toronto, or Berlin. All that said and done, the emotional beginnings of the… Read More »