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There’s nothing like a rainy Saturday afternoon, curled up on the couch with the new issue of Vanity Fair. It has been a favorite pastime for years…especially since we get so much freakin’ rain. Lately though, some of the subjects and stories featured in VF are getting as pedestrian as punch. Case in point: the issue with the Tiger Woods‘ cover, thrown in there for good measure, to garner some newsstand action. I understand that need for Graydon Carter to want get in on the greatest media obsession on Earth, but that cover was nauseating and frankly, above Vanity Fair.… Read More »

Reading about the new Monkey Bar and the obsession that Graydon Carter has regarding who sits where kind of gives me the willies. I don’t know why. Part of me would like to think that he’s busy editing Vanity Fair, the magazine I look forward to reading each month, though I will say it has been lackluster as of late. Could there be some kind of correlation? This month, with everyone’s hero Johnny Depp on the cover, the magazine is so thin, it’s like one of those glossy handouts in the Hamptons. And lo and behold, there’s a story about… Read More »

Just read the unfair article in Vanity Fair by the seeming fey Michael Lewis and wonder, “What the fuck was up her skirt?” I was just in Reykjavik this weekend and had a lovely time. The Iceland Design Center hosted a 3-day series of events call DesignMarch. It’s all about design…in March…get it? You march around town…and…see design. Anyhoo, there was a group of fantastic international design writers, editors and me invited by the government to explore their burgeoning creative industries ready to be discovered or rather, ready for their close-ups, me being Mr. DeMille. While is Iceland, I was… Read More »