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Now that I can admit that one of my guilty pleasures is watching Celebrity Apprentice, I am not sure that Donald Trump should run for President of the United States. Can he do both gigs? Would he put the heads of state in the board room to straighten their asses out…or better…get fired? In theory it sounds like a good idea…to run the Free World like a reality show. After all, politics is good inexpensive to produce content. But the reality of that reality show seems far fetched. What’s more, I am not sure how Melania Trump would fair against… Read More »

It has been a while since I have commented on The New York Times Style Section. Seemed like someone was listening and there were actual fashion related stories running in the bi-weekly Style Section…ya’d think. But today, the lead story in the Sunday Style is all about Jenny Sanford. Now, she is a lovely woman and I thoroughly sympathize with this woman. No one should be publicly scrutinized for being cheated on by their spouse. It is a shame that the public is so consumed with human foibles. Alas, we are. But of all the humans to be focused on…especially… Read More »

I don’t know who I fear most: Nigerian bankers, (surely American bankers give me the willies), or Yemenites or Charlie Sheen, and while I’m at it…Ivana Trump. Starting with Ivana. I actually share her sentiments with her yelling at a baby on board a flight from Florida to NYC yesterday. You know that feeling, once you are comfortably seated on the plane and some third world mother and her kid(s) or worse, a white woman and one kid, one who has not yet heard the word “no” plops down alongside you…well…it puts me over the edge anyway. And, apparently Ivana,… Read More »