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Jesus takes the wheel against One Million Moms.

What I would really like to know is, how many gay people have mothers that are members of the group One Million Moms? The brouhaha that is currently brouhaha-ing between J.C. Penney and Ellen DeGeneres seems like such a weird non-starter. But since we are in a political year, the evil-doing Republicans  have captured the media’s attention with all their retarded Presidential Debates. Even horny at-home moms want in on the media action.  And (B) just because the organization is called One Million Moms, does not make for one million actual moms. Betcha it is more like the number that… Read More »

Don’t ask me why I am doing this entry about vintage advertising. Really? You want to know? Here’s the train of thought. I received an email about a new underwear company that ties in each purchase of underwear to a charitable organization. I know, doesn’t socially conscious underwear sound tragic? It does to me. Sure, I like helping whenever I can, but my underwear is not going to support anything but what it is designed for, if you get my drift. So, I started googling around underwear world and came upon a few vintage ads for underwear. Since we now… Read More »

You can do all the upscale advertising you want. So, whether you are Target, K-Mart or JCPenney, get over yourselves right now, because smoke and mirrors is not going to replace better merchandise. Ever. Sure, these limited edition designer duds gets tons of attention and brings in a sought-after audience, but once that limited edition sells out, what’s left in-store is the crap that makes up for most of the merchandise in these mass marketers. So, Jean Claude Penney is coming to New York City? Big whoop. Penney has been trying for years to up its ante through free association… Read More »