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August Osage County just might be the worst movie of the year. Since her royal highness Meryl Streep is the film’s star, no one will say boo and admit that I am 100% right. This loud, talky, ensemble nightmare features a dream cast but the problem is each character is so unlikeable that the only person you root for is yourself. Why? Because you begin to take pity for the fact that you did not walk out of the movie at the first sign that everyone is yelling. But then again you couldn’t because you were frozen in shock from… Read More »

We all think that our lives are meant for the pages of a book. Come on…admit it. And if you can’t admit that, then surely you have considered your workplace as the setting for a hilarious sit-com. Don’t lie to me. We all have delusions of grandeur and relax, you are not alone. I read Eat, Pray, Love after everyone else did, that summer when those three words were all you heard. That’s the problem with hype, Oprah-based or otherwise. By the time everyone raves about a book, movie or TV show, you get there and wonder…what’s the big deal?… Read More »

I never thought I would hear myself saying that I am sorry that someone is losing pounds. As an ex-fatty I support all weight watchers. In this case though, it is u2 losing 100 pounds…British pounds as in dosh. – DIGITAL SPY Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart have finally tied the knot. ZZZZZZ. – ABC NEWS Imagine getting kidnapped and forced to smoke dope. For sure Jeremy London did not consider this a kidnapping as much as being invited to the party. – D LISTED Julia Roberts is stunning. So, there’s a little airbrushing. Now everybody get over yourselves. –… Read More »