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A Kardashian source told Gatecrasher in New York Daily News that Kim Kardashian would “live and breathe to hang out with Beyoncé.” Well, duh. You don’t have to be an insider to tell us something so obvi. Anyway, here’s how that all went down.… Read More »

Katy & Baptiste are a cute couple but the blue hair during poontang? Um...

Two snaps up to Katy Perry for landing uber-hottie, Baptiste Giabiconi during Paris Fashion Week. Now that is a solid ‘fuck you’ to her ex-nudnik, Russell Brand, a pairing was nauseating from the star. Eswpecially with their two-thousand-day wedding in India minutes after they met. That was kind of a PR scam coupling along the lines of the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Maybe I am being too harsh on Katy. Not to be out-shined, Russell Brand also snagged a model toot suite. Some Canadian slag that ran to chat with Life & Style magazine. “He’s amazing, so funny; he’s… Read More »

kim-kardashian,, wedding

Who doesn’t love weddings? They are always the most fun. The energy is high, there is love in the air and people look great, or as best as possible anyway. Last night’s wedding between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries must have been lovely, seeing that the affair cost 17.5 million dollars. Well, it didn’t cost anything really, that is the estimated sponsored value in-kind coupled with future earnings. This sounds  more like a corporate annual report, rather than loving nuptials. Can you imagine the obligatory photo ops that were going down at this thing? Whoever sponsored this lavish shmoozefest must… Read More »