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The Singing Kim Sisters

When I say the Kim Sisters, I do not mean Kim and Khloe Kardashian or Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. No, when I refer to the Kim Sisters, I mean the two singing Kims. Well, OK, they are not actual sisters but they may as well be twins when you listen to their music. I am talking about Kim Kardashian and her identical sounding twin sister, Kim Zolciak, from The Real Housewives of Atlanta “fame”. Don’t know what the hell I am talking about? Well, listen for yourself and you tell me that Kim K. and Kim Z. are not two… Read More »

Today there’s just little kernels of dish that made me put together Bits and Pieces of Nonsense for you to nibble on. With Tiger still caught by his..well..not his toe…and the White House Hookers still the big story, I thought I’d just add a little here and there and wish you all a great weekend. 1) Speaking of hookers, remember Ashley Dupre? Well, she is now officially a hooker with a heart of gold. She makes an incredibly good point about the bitches that are picking at Tiger Woods‘ carcass and I suggest you read in story. Click on photo… Read More »