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Call me a conspiracy theorist, but the whole swine flu hysteria seems pretty iffy to me. What happened to the days when going to Mexico and coming back with Montezuma’s revenge (travel bug) was folly for the Late Night monologues? No, I am not a doctor, so take what I say with a grain of salt. But allow me to throw a couple of thoughts out there for you to mull over and then tell me you are still hiding under your couch with a face mask on. Could this be a ruse to get people off Barak Obama’s nine-trillion… Read More »

Poor Larry Summers. He has to attend endless meetings about the economy with bankers (zzzz) discussing the minutia of selling off bad debt to companies with bad debt. But, darling, wake up and smell the coffee. Literally. This photo taken yesterday (below, top left) shows just how compelling the arguments are to turn our economy around. Yowza, this is Obama’s main man? He’s our Director of National Economic Council?  Yikes. This is the guy who said women have lesser aptitude for work in the highest levels of math and science. Ladies, you can bitch slap him from here to kingdom… Read More »