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Having worked in fundraising for wonderful charities, it is with a heavy heart  to learn about the horrendous scam circling Madonna‘s now ill-conceived school for girls in Malawi. I say ill-conceived because if this project was properly structured, with vigorous oversight, then 3.8 million dollars would not have vanished. Who is to blame? Surely the Executive Director, Philippe van den Bossche, who became involved with Madonna’s trainer, Tracy Anderson, in the middle of the project. Now it makes sense why Madonna fired her “celebrity trainer ass“. Now, someone tell me how a 15 million dollar project allows for a 3.8… Read More »

Now I’ve heard everything; indirectly comparing Madonna to Michael Jackson about her obsession with children. I kid you not, and I quote: “The children of the world are not safe, as long as Madonna’s midlife crisis rages unchecked.” This is from an article written by Andrea Peyser, the horrendous Republican that writes for the New York Post. (Granted, I should not read that rag, but Page Six…come on.)  Peyser continues to rip Madonna a new asshole for wanting to go to Africa and adopt another child, this time a little three-year-old girl named Mercy.  Excuse me, Andrea dear, but the… Read More »