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Prom: Short for promenade, which refers to when guests march around at the beginning of a ball or cotillion. Proms took their cue from the exclusive debutante balls; so what we now refer to and obsess on as Prom is in essence a down-market version of the Crillon Ball of Paris. Teen Prom, Adult Prom, both concepts elude me. Seems as though there is this rising trend in Adult Proms, which they are referring to as Do-Overs. Since I did not go to my high school prom (*see below), I guess there is nothing for me to do-over. And if… Read More »

Far be it from me to let this David Carradine story go by without commenting on it. Naturally, I wish the Carradine family much peace at this horrible time. But he died of what? How? Where? What? Huh? As a product of the swinging 70’s, my sexual proclivities were quite risque, as were most people’s then, thanks to Quaaludes. If you never did one, it is hard to describe. You took a Lude and ended up in someone else’s bed. Period. My friend Nancy was known to say, “That tree is beginning to look sexy” and off she’d go to… Read More »