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Fresh from Paris and Milan, we have the Manzie Report featuring the latest trends, mistakes and mishaps for Fall 2011. The over-arching story for men is luxe, sophisticated, elegance. There were boxier shapes and shorter skorts. No, I am not kidding. Since Marc Jacobs wears nothing but kilts, Parisian menswear designers took that look to the next level and hiked up the length of skorts for men. Let’s face it, the kilt length is not all that flattering, and men’s legs are just as lovely to look at as women’s…especially when they are long, lean and muscular. Collections from Hermes,… Read More »

From here on, Eminem is officially, M&M. The Sunday night, completely inappropriate, ass-in-face stunt turns out to have been planned and rehearsed. I guess M&M likes that position after all…the position of being mocked and made to look like a fool. So many people thought that the whole situation was unfortunate. In hind sight (literally), it is an abomination that this kind of immaturity rules and is the bane of MTV’s existence. Wanna bet the Bruno movie will feature a song by M&M? There is always some sort of cross-promotional deal in the air with MTV. They are the masters… Read More »