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Collagen for your hair? Wait till you see the results.

Restylane and Juvederm and Collagen, oh my! As a staunch supporter of anything that improves anything, I want to introduce you to a new product, Concentré de Collagène by Roy Teeluck—an innovative, concentrated collagen serum for healthy hair and scalp. Collagen for the hair, you ask? The results are astonishing: from shinier, healthier hair to fuller, more voluminous blow-outs. The product infuses much-needed collagen in its whole molecular form into the scalp, which nurtures and replenishes the skin. Concentré de Collagène promotes an enriched environment for your hair to maintain its optimal health as it grows. Roy’s clients are enjoying… Read More »

Roy Teeluck has moved his eponymous salon to 5 East 57th Street, next door Yves Saint Laurent, in time to kick-off Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Schedule a hair service such as a blow-out or up-do and receive a complementary L’Oréal Professionnel Powerdose Deep Treatment. Click here to email a request for an appointment.… Read More »