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Take a look and you tell me why Selena refused to see Justin.

Justin Bieber aka Poopy Pants McGee was shuttered out of Selena Gomez’ house after he followed her home from what was reported as a yell fest date somewhere in the Valley. Well it is clear to me why she did that. Take a look. Surely she is over changing Justin’s diapers.… Read More »

Is it me or are socialites kind of sooo last season? Don’t get me wrong, I would love nothing more than to be a thin, blond, pampered beauty. But I think socialites are becoming passe. Granted, Olivia Palermo is here to stay. She transcends “just a socialite” and has managed to carve out a career for being her. I hear they love her in Germany. Olivia is Kim Kardshian without the tacky. No, the Kardashians are not socialites. Los Angeles is not socialite country, well, besides Betsey Bloomingdale and Nancy Davis, but they are a dying breed. L.A. is just… Read More »

In case you were away enjoying the holidays festoons and not reading I Mean…What?!?, well, that’s no excuse, but you are forgiven, ’cause that’s the kind of guy I am. But while you were away, this little news ditty came and went that I wanted to bring it to your attention. Two time Oscar winner, though one would have been more than sufficient, Hillary Swank announced that she will become the next celebrity fashion designer to enter the market place. Now that the Oscar race eludes her entirely, Swank will join the ranks of Kim Kardashian, Adam Levine, Sarah Jessica… Read More »

Welcome to our new daily feature, Kernels of Dish, tasty tid-bits of gossip from across the globe. (Click on each image to get the full scoop.) Enjoy. Charlie Sheen quitting Two and a Half Men or running scared? -AP Rachel Uchitel got ten million from Tiger Woods, like I am going to the moon. – TMZ Selena Gomez = tween designer? Look out Material Girl. – WWD Perez Hilton puts foot in mouth at Linsday Lohan’s expense. -NY Post Kelly Rowland is trolling of product placement for her video. What about Massengil? -NY Post Belated Birthday Wish for Cougar Barbie.… Read More »