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My friend Johno du Plessis from South Africa sent me this photo montage with the text, “A few good reasons to go to the South Africa World Cup perhaps??” This surely is one riveting way to promote that sport. They say soccer is not as big in the United States as it is everywhere else in the world…well…girl…that is about to change.… Read More »

What is the deal with Vanity Fair‘s obsession with Tiger Woods and his merry band of hookers? The new issue, on stands today, continues its coverage of the Gross Baboons that brought down America’s most boring sports superstar. The Temptation of Tiger Woods, Part Two digs deeper into this less-than-riveting story, which is sooo yesterday’s breakfast. Surely I am not alone when scratching my head wondering why Vanity Fair, my favorite (or used to be favorite) magazine would spend their resources and time on something that could have lived on thier blog and save the printed pages for more compelling… Read More »