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httpv:// Congratulations to The Killing Floor, featuring my friends Marco Argiro and Chris Bunatta for their first big music video shot by Joel Schumacher starring Mallory June called Star Baby.… Read More »

The theory of May-December romances.

When I learned of Demi’s overdose last weekend, I immediately wrote a piece that included the below entry from November, titled Cougar Fatigue. My sweet nephew was appalled and asked me to take it down. But after I learned the details of what happened that night—which I will NOT share here—as always I was right. So here it is again. Cougar Fatigue is clearly what Demi Moore was suffering from.  But now, I guess we can say that Demi is now officially suffering from Post Cougar Fatigue. A syndrome that older women and even older gay men suffer from. Keeping… Read More »