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Watching Prince Harry gallivant around New York City smiling, shaking hands, planting trees, honoring the fallen at the World Trade Center had such an unexpected impact on me. Granted, he is beyond adorable…but not only because of that. There was something magical about him. I was deeply effected by Princess Diana’s death and seeing him being so magnanimous touched me in a gentle, yet profound way, as did the circumstances around her untimely, unnecessary death. Boy, would she be proud. Then I got to thinking about who do we in America have that exudes that royal air. Since our Kennedy-Camelot… Read More »

There are certain people that are permeating the airwaves that make me say more than I MEAN…WHAT?!? They are a combination of all-wrong, void of social consciousness, and truly annoying. I pray for them to fade into the sunset (’cause I am so spiritual), but that doesn’t seem to help. Someone needs to put them out of their media-blaring misery. So, I’ve started the I MEAN…WHAT?!? Hit List. No, I do not wish them death…rather…complete and everlasting obscurity. Ohmmmmm.… Read More »