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Everyone and their cousin is chiming in on who looked great or who looked like crap on the Emmy Red Carpet.  Surely I am tuning in tonight to hear Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne’s two cents on who they think is Best and Worst Dress. SIDEBAR: Just saw Joan Rivers’ Piece of Work this weekend, and she really is a dynamo. Glad E! brought her back into their fold. Anyhoo, yes, I can’t agree more with most of the commentaries but one thing I cannot forgive is the Emmy Up Do. I’m sorry, but there are two moments in a… Read More »

Just when I thought that my Manzie Reports were getting read by all the right people, being viewed on all the right laptops, iPhones and Blackberries, comes the reality that I am not fully doing my job. I know that the Manzie Report has been a source of laughter and hysteria by many of the industry’s top taste-makers, creatives and editors. But clearly, there are several stylists and fashion designers that must be deleting the IMW Manzie Report and clicking to Big mistake girl. He is not going to steer you in the right direction. Perez will just feature… Read More »

No matter what is happening on the world stage, here in the United States, we always manage to drum up and incredibly unimportant story that effects very few people, but somehow becomes front page news…a.k.a. fodder for the tabloids. In a world where innocent people are being slaughtered, human rights negated, children being trafficked and wars abound, Katie Lee Joel and Yigal Azrouel managed to become a big story in the daily rags and naturally, I couldn’t resist such a riveting headline. Who could? Where shall I start.… Read More »