Wanna Smell Like Jay-Z, Kanye and Rihanna? I Don’t Think So.

Apr 8, 2009Fashion
Jay-Z contributed to this album. Good name for a fragrance?

Jay-Z contributed to this album. How's this for the name of his fragrance?

Yes, this is true. Jay-Z just inked a deal with some fragrance factory in Fort Lauderdale… the stink capitol of the world…to pound out a collection of new fragrances called Rihanna, Kanye and Jay-Z (working titles). Oh, and one other surprise pop star, who at press time has remained nameless. Um…let me guess….Beyonce? Poor Beyonce, she is the only viable one in the bunch that could launch a celebrity fragrance, but now that she is married to Jay-Z, so much for her doing a Mimi or Brittany, instead, she will enter the ranks of…well…rank.

Kanye...for that sneaker smell.

Kanye...for that sneaker smell.

Which brings me to the whole notion of celebrity fragrances. Surely Coco Chanel (No. 5) and Jean Patou (Joy) must be turning in their grave. Hell, even Liz Taylor is eeking towards turning. (No rush Liz…just making a point.) Why is the American consumer so friggen stupid that they want to smell like a celebrity? Any second now Perez Hilton is going to come out with one and then what? When will it all this stop? When will we go back to the days when designers create fragrances…and clothes for that matter…and celebrities go back to acting or singing or sucking cock…Monica Lewinsky, Paris Hilton Jenna Jamison. The end of the world is nigh…and its going to smell like Kayne West and Rihanna. I mean…what?!?

Rihanna...bring out the animal in your man.

Rihanna...bring out the animal in your man.

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  1. Johnna says:

    Bring out the animal in your man!! HAHAHAHA. A fragrance that smells like gin and regret.

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