I’m Coming Back To Lindsay Lohan

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Welcome back, Lindsay Lohan. And what better time than when we are all trapped in our homes desperate for something/anything to talk about. Linsday just dripped her first single, “Back To Me”, since the year of the flood. I’m sure people will trash it and not give her an easy way back into our lives, but i for one, having worked with her a few times and know that she is smart as a whip, and the persona she created for herself was not really who she is…or was…anyway. It is said that people don’t change, they just got ore sober.

Eleven years ago, I kicked off my blog I Mean…What?!? with a whimper. Shortly thereafter, a friend of mine hired me to help promote his photoshoot, and since it was not long after the economic bust of 2008, I said yes. To my surprise, the subject being photographed was none other than Lindsay Lohan for Muse Magazine. The thing that I got to launch with this endeavor was the premiere of Lindsay Lohan’s nipple, featured prominently in the photos and video. The post got picked up by Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, E Online, Page Six and every rag thereunder. The day I posted the images and video, the website got 7,000,000 hits and broke the internet. Back then that was a phenomenon. Now it’s like any douchebag can go viral. No big whoop.


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