Kanye West Loves Donald Trump

Nov 18, 2016Gross Baboons
Kanye West + Donald Trump = Gross Baboon Squared

Kanye West + Donald Trump = Gross Baboon Squared  (Click image for past IMW Kanye trashing.)

So Kanye West loves Donald Trump, aye? Just when you thought you couldn’t despise Kanye West anymore, comes his admission that he did not vote, making him an idiotic, old, wanna-be millennial. And to make you hate Kanye even more than I do already and have since forever, he professed his love for the Orange Fuhrer, Donald Trump. The moron continued to stick his foot deeper into his mouth at a recent concert by telling black people not to focus on racism because, “This is a racist country, period.” Hey schmuck, you’re the one who is hyper focused on racism, having called George W. Bush a racist. Kanye went on a political tirade in San Jose and realizing that his audience was booing and horrified at his supreme idiocy he kept going which made his blathering on almost as ridiculous as his fashion line, Yeezy. It’s time for the fashion industry to stop paying homage to this Basket Case of Deplorable.

I predicted the day Trump won that Kanye West would be the first suck up to crawl up his ass and show up at the Trump Inaugural Ball. Let’s face it, he’s gross enough to be there since water seeks its own level. Kanye, Chachi, Ted Nugent. See what I mean?

Polluted water continues to seek it's own level.

Polluted water continues to seek it’s own level.  (Click image for past IMW Kanye trashing.)

I’ve been trashing the trash known as Kanye since he was shtupping Amber Rose, another brain surgeon. Idiot savant, Kanye West reminded everyone that he will run for President in 2020. Like the GOP gives two shits about a guy whose life doesn’t matter to them anyway? And now that he has alienated every Democrat maybe he should start his own third party. Might I suggest a couple of names: Idiocratic or Douchebagican. Those of us who are boycotting the Trump brand better add Kanye West’s crap to that list. Clearly he doesn’t have his legions of fans’ best interests at heart. And all the desperados in the fashion industry that will sit for hours waiting for his royal hiney to appear at his next pretentious fashion show should hang their heads in shame.

Attention: Fashion Editors be on alert! We’re watching you!

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