Dear Anna Wintour,

Anna Wintour needs to stay away from Kanye West.

Anna Wintour needs to stay away from Kanye West.

Dear Anna Wintour

Did you hear the collective gasp of disbelief when the media reported you and Kanye West (of all people) were summoned to the gold version of a glass house? Please, do tell how your business meeting with @realDonaldTrump went the other day. I, like millions, am dying to know. Sadly, it’ll be just a matter of time before many more will be dying, literally not just figuratively. They will be dying at the hands of illegal abortions, hate crimes by white supremacists, innocents in a war zone that will surely evolve because of our new Mein Kampf obsessed supreme leader; who for years I have been referring to as Gross Baboon. He won the Gross Baboon of the Year Award in 2012!

Did you not read my letter from last month begging you not to honor Melania or Ivanka with a Vogue cover without them doing something, anything that will help the fledgling fashion industry? Have them commit to help keep fashion industry workers cutting and sewing here in the good old USA as opposed to sending their orders overseas? If you haven’t, click this link.

We can only hope you went up there and stated the many cases on behalf of the loyal fans of fashion and beauty.

We the people—especially us fashionable ones—have looked to you and Vogue to lead us… stylistically speaking. Your generous and tireless support of Hillary Clinton made me proud to have always stood up to the many Anna Wintour naysayers and detractors. Which is why your immediate run up the gold gilded elevator so soon after his tenuous win put many of us in a state of shock and awe. We can only hope that you won’t fall prey to a blatant continued Kardashian-izing of Vogue with relentless, advertiser-based, cross marketing to include Melania Trump featured on the cover cutting into a Trump Steak. As his regime takes hold we fear that he will destroy the many things we know you and Vogue do NOT stand for. Case in point, what we fags live for…FREEDOM! And your readers…CHOICE!

It’s not easy to swallow the bitter pill of your need to keep the Vogue brand at the top of mind at whatever cost. Surely this can’t possibly be the kind of mindset you are hoping for. Hopefully, you will feel the sting of rejection from the millions of Pantsuit Nation followers that will ignore your September issue and every other one at that. Sure, you can sell your designer goods and furs to the rich and powerful ladies who lunch. But will you really enjoy the Real Housewives market that you have cultivated? Too many cool people have been saying that fashion is dead, now it’s time to consider that your action may be perceived as turning the knife in on the backs of your long-time admirers and the creative class. It might have been advisable to make a statement after you left the Gold House especially after you were lumped into the same press release as Kanye “Deplorable” West because silence is not always golden. If I’m not mistaken the expression is Silence = Death.

With great sadness, I wish you a Happy Holiday. For some it may be their last!

Warm regards,


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