As Predicted, Citi-Skank On the Move

Jun 12, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Carrie Schechter'snow famus photo of the sexy, boob enhanced Citi-Skank worker.

The Citi-Skank, Debrahlee Bombshell Lorenzana, who was fired for overt chi-chi wielding, is on the move to becoming a spokes-model-person for sexually harassed women. Lorenzana — who’s admitted to having had plastic surgery to enhance her now-famous assets — was also at the Sugar Dining Den & Social Club, in Carle Place, LI, Thursday night, meeting with owner Brian Rosenberg to discuss forming Women Against Sexual Harassment (WASH). Debrahlee…which sounds like a Playboy bunny name…has not hired Gloria Allred…YET. My prediction from last week…because I am always right is that Debrahlee will garner a media career and hire Gloria Allred.

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2 Responses to “As Predicted, Citi-Skank On the Move”

  1. I had a wierd thought. I heard in China, something like 50% of girls have plastic surgery before age 18 because for girls, being successful is all about snagging the best guy you can get. best meaning richest. And being hot is naturally the easiest way to snag men.

  2. william says:

    Very beautiful, yes. Natural is my preference, but if you have a job that consist flaunting your waist and chest or you're an A cup, then do it.

    I have to admit it's pretty funny how someone who enhanced the rack is in WASH. The whole purpose is to have your client stare below and less on the face. That way you get the most sales & loans while the guy is nodding his head up and down as long as you don't bother his concentration. Use it to train the guy to pay attention to your head at your new job now.

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