Separated At Birth: Michael Jackson & Natalie Khawam: Ask Gloria Allred

Nov 25, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Natalie Khawam or Michael Jackson: Who’d You Rather?

Gloria Allred is back with a vengeance. Last night she appeared on Chelsea Lately in a skit about representing Heather McDonald in a law suit against Chelsea Handler. But today her big appearance is in the basement of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington DC as she stands up for truth, justice and the American skanky way, what Gloria Allred does best. Attention: Tiger Woods‘ band of bosomy broads: Madame Allred is going to do you proud as she takes on the case of Natalie Khawan, the twin hooker, I mean sister, of Jill Kelley who is embroiled in this Petraeus Scandal.

This Petraeus Case is a deliciously vomitous affair that is very meaningful to Gloria Allred because in a weird way it will give her the opportunity to get back involved in the Michael Jackson kiddie sex scandal of 1993. That whole situation turned out to be a fiasco for Allred because she was taken off the case. Now, almost twenty years later, enter Natalie Khawan who is a carbon copy of Michael Jackson (see above) and this will help give Gloria the closure she needed in that case. However this spins, you can know that Little Gloria will be happy at last. My biggest question is: Was Michael Jackson the triplet that was separated at birth from his sisters Natalie & Jill?

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