Diesel Burqa

Sep 10, 2013Breaking Newzzz
Diesel Burka

It was just a matter of time before we saw designers jumping on the Burqa bandwagon.

The Diesel Burqa Ad has hit the New York City streets and like every of non-politically correct fashion statement, Creative Director, Nicola Formichetti has hit a home run out of the park. Like Diesel didn’t know that when they hired the King of the Little Monsters to create their ad campaigns that all hell would break loose. This would not be the first time I Mean What has noted past campaigns from Diesel. Remember their Be Stupid campaign a few years back? Whether you think this Diesel Burqa ad is stupid or not is not the point. I actually applaud anything politically incorrect. And besides, who doesn’t wonder what lies beneath the Burqa clad women the world over? Especially the younger women who seem trapped within the confines of that archaic traditional lifestyle.

Remember when that Danish artist was threatened to be killed by the Muslim Brotherhood for doing that derogatory cartoon in the Danish newspaper? I wonder if the Muslims are going to call Jihad on everyone involved with this ad campaign. I would hate to think that something bad will happen to those fashionistas whose only mission is to make a fashion statement, in this case being, “I Am Not What I Appear To Be”. Either way, watch your backs kiddies, cause you never know with those lunatics.

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