CAA Jeans-For All Celebrity Kind-

Feb 4, 2010Fashion

Move over Diesel and Levi-Strauss here comes CAA.

The celebrity-turned designer situation has turned into a real situation and I don’t mean that “The Situation” situation, but a real situation that brings new meaning to the word situation. I just read that CAA, Creative Artists Agency, the powerhouse talent firm in Los Angeles, has jumped into the fray of the schmatta business.  Women’s Wear Daily reports today that CAA is buying into J Brand Jeans, that hot denim brand that probably grew too fast for its own britches. Since every celebrity is designing their own line of clothing or accessories, and celebrity capsule collections are falling off trees, it makes perfect sense that celebrity agents would want to jump into the media whirlwind in an effort to get in on some of that action. CAA is doing this as an extension of their business, where they have holdings and investments in certain companies that would cross over into needing talent for their advertising. So, then, I get it. But my fear is, that next up, celebrity publicists will want to start designing their own lines of clothing and handbags. They will figure, “Hey, I pitch this crap to the media anyway…why not do this for myself?” Horror of horrors. Throngs of pony-tail bitches, chewing gum, standing in trade show booths, peering at their competitors products, not returning phone calls or emails. Ugh. Will you join me as I move off this continent? HELP…The end of the world IS nigh!

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