Fashion’s Night Out…So Get Out There And Shop…And Drink

Sep 10, 2009Breaking Newzzz
The Meatpacking District will be totally groovy...40 events...seriously.

The Meatpacking District will be totally groovy...40 events...seriously.

This is it…the night of all nights. The Big Kahuna of shopping nights. It’s Fashion’s Night Out and after all the hub-buh and nay saying and ruckus…it’s here. I can feel it in the air. Can’t you? Anna Wintour and I have been staring at and for days hoping the forecast would change. And you know, 40% chance of rain is better than 50%. So I am going to be optimistic and say, it’s going to be fine. And what’s with God anyway? Isn’t he a fan of Sex and the City? Because Fashion’s Night Out is like a 5-hour episode of that show. Lots of pretty people trying on pretty things.

Taylor Moomsen and the band Pretty reckless will perfon on BLeeker Street at 7PM ish.

Taylor Momsen and the band Pretty Reckless will perform on Bleeker Street at 7PM-ish.

Lots of cocktails being sipped. Lots of cruising. Lord knows New York City could use some of that action again. Things here have been so tense. Can’t we all just lighten up? And spend a few bucks? It’s called retail therapy for a reason! There are parties everywhere. The Meatpacking District has 40 parties alone going on. Bergdorf Goodman is having a fierce game of Fashion Rules. Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen’s band is performing at the Teen Vogue Bleeker Street Block Party at 7:00 PM. I intend to be at all of the above. So…get your high heel sneakers on and run with me around town…SHOPPING and drinking.

Fashion Does Rule.

Because Fashion Rules.

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  1. Ericka says:

    I am jealous!!!!! I would also love to see Andre Leon Talley hosting a game. Priceless!

    Have fun, and I hope you stay dry. I'll be back tomorrow for details!


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