Fountain Avenue Fashion Week 2016

Fountain Avenue Fashion Week 2016. It's on!!!

It’s on bitches!!!

Move over Mumbai! Say sayonara Shanghai! Get ready for Fountain Avenue Fashion Week 2016. On the heels of New York Fashion Week and that Saint Laurent Palladium Fashion/Music Fest Thing, I Mean What?!? is excited to announce the launch of the Demi-Annual Fountain Avenue Fashion Week. I mean, now that just about every city on Earth has some sad version of a Fashion Week, why not start one right here in my apartment in West Hollywood? No? And no, it won’t be anything like Los Angeles Fashion Week, that really sad little reality that each year tries to compete with the big guns like Pakistan Fashion Week or the much-needed Charleston Fashion Week. I guess mall fashion IS fashion these days. But I digress…
Fountain Avenue Fashion Week will be a far more intimate affair.

My kind of Green Room.

My kind of Green Room.

1) Centrally located just off Sunset Plaza. (B.Y.O. Chin Chin Chinese Chicken Salad, FAFW will provide chopsticks and nappies.)
2) No lines to get in. Ever. Check-in will be a snap.
3) Groovy after-show party space that doubles as a photo studio by day for emerging wanna-be artists.
4) The WeHo Green Room complete with complimentary lighting, which is a double entendre, because it’s free AND just light enough for you to look fabulous because no one can see every crevice on your forehead.
5) Besides, it’s Southern California weather.

The WeHo Party Room

The WeHo Party Room

Buyers and press will be invited in pairs, like Noah’s Ark to this kinda Mid-Century venue for a one-of-a-kind, informative experience, bordering on what one can call “a lesson in fashion”. The caveat is only one of each of that ilk can be stomached, I mean, will be allowed in at the same time. Seriously, how many opinions from random Social Media Climbers can one be accosted by without wanting to kill them or myself? #MyOpinionMatters

What will be showing at Fountain Avenue Fashion Week, you ask? Well, we’ll rummage through my walk-in closet, paw through old family photo albums (my Bar-Mitzvah circa 1969 style is beyond) and finally, once and for all, we can determine which decade is on trend this season (for realzz).

See that tuxedo blazer? Don't think Karl Lagerfeld didn't Bitch Stole My Look.

See that tuxedo blazer? Don’t think Karl Lagerfeld didn’t Bitch Stole My Look.

Karl Lagerfeld - Bitch Stole My Look

You see what I mean?!? So I guess 60’s is on trend.

Anyway, don’t hold your breath for your very own calligraphy-ed personal invitation to Fountain Avenue Fashion Week unless you’re insane—which, for the most part, we all are.

Till then….Happy New York Fashion Week kids!

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