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Feb 11, 2013Fashion
"Our clothes are quiet", says Ms. Yang of Holmes  Yang. Well, nothing says quiet more than something boring that you might find at Ann Taylor Loft, several years back. Shhh.

“Our clothes are quiet”, says Ms. Yang of Holmes & Yang. Well, nothing says quiet more than something boring that you might find at Ann Taylor Loft, several years back. Shhh or rather Zzzz…

WTF! Has the world gone so topsy turvy that gross is the new black? When I read Cathyn Horyn’s bit in The New York Times about how mundane the first few days of New York Fashion Week were, I had to see for myself since I am lolly gagging in Venice Beach for the winter rinsing off the many prior New York Fashion Weeks for a cleansing moment.


This is a look from Kelly Wearstler. More to the point, this is the worst ler I have even seen. Like stick to interior design and fotz. Every one wants to design fashion or direct.

Upon perusing some of the collections via Women’s Wear Daily, or my inbox from a host of publicists, I was horrified at much of what I saw. Not everything, but enough to say that in a tough retail climate like the one we are mired in, the many Anna Wintour darlings should be damn glad that friggen Targette and Jean Claude Penniey exists, not to mention the softer side of Sears. YIKES!


Continuing my rant about Kelly “The Worst” Wearstler.


Join me won’t you. This is the worst of the Wearstlers.


Whit referenced Marianne Faithfull in her story on this season. And this girl is like the antithesis of Marianne. Actuallly it is more like Marianne half Jewish grand daughter’s frenemy.


Heather Lawton, another new addition to the scene thinks this is what to wear in the snow. Little Red Riding Hood is turning in her grave.


Either that or Little Red Riding Hood has become a bag lady. This is an outfit yanked off a homeless person on the Bowery. Oh wait, the Bowery is now gentrified, make that the Port Authority.


This new designer is called A Detacher. Now if you want my opinion, the only thing that should be detached is that orange dickie. WTF!


Nothing says slenderizing fashion than a fucking cow print complete with yoke. A Detacher seems detached from women looking svelte.


Do you have a headache from this look? I do. Haus Alkire should revisit the hat. and other things…like New York Fashion Week. Clearly there is a market for this look, but not in this part of the hemisphere.


Sorry, but this Gregory Parkinson collection looks like it would be best suited on Mary Todd Lincoln. There is more fabric per square foot in this presentation that attendees.


Creatures of Comfort are taking their name to literally. If I wanted to wear a woobie, I would go with the black blanket that the chick from the homeless shelter was wearing. This fabric looks like the blanket I bought for my dogs Woodstock and Alfie at Ross for Less.


Again, Creatures of Comfort want you to parade about in your night cap (not a shot of booze) and your somewhat stylish-ish pajamas. Rachel Roy did that a couple of seasons ago and Lord knows thank goodness that’s over.



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